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International Lacrosse Tours to Portugal

portugal lacrosse tours

Lacrosse is growing worldwide, and the sport is giving its first steps in Portugal. Our country has been the host of several international lacrosse tours from NCAA and Top European Teams. 

Lisbon, is also known by its international summer lacrosse tournament, Lisboa Lacrosse Cup, that brings to the capital of Portugal more than 350 players from all over the world.

Portugal Lacrosse will help you to arrange an unforgettable cultural and sportive experience while playing abroad the sport you love, ensuring grow the game lacrosse clinics, scrimmages with top level european teams, or lacrosse training sessions with local teams during your lacrosse tour.

With exclusive travel and destination management partners we will help you to organize your lacrosse tour to Portugal, including accommodation, transfers, and activities arrangements while in Portugal. 

important things

Portugal is one of the newest lacrosse nations in Europe. You will have the chance to scrimmage local teams or play against top European teams that will happily fly over to Portugal to play lacrosse.

Portugal Lacrosse can assist while providing lacrosse goals, or portable creases. We can also guarantee proper field lines/markings if required.

Yes, you can either make a “grow the game” clinic with local players, or a coaching session to teach and introduce new people to the game of lacrosse. Or a much more immersive social experience while showing lacrosse in a local social institution.

Coming over is already a big help to develop lacrosse in Portugal, while local players are exposed to new and much more developed lacrosse realities, you can also bring your old lacrosse stuff you have on you garage and make an equipment drive to help Portugal Lacrosse introducing new people to the sport we all love!